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Paleo in a Nutshell

-For those folks who don’t have the patience for long explanations and want a quick overview of eating on a Paleo/Ancestral diet, here goes.



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Paleo Explained- Part 2

Now that we’ve covered what to stay away from in Paleo Explained-Part 1, here’s the dish on what to eat!

What’s left?!

A guideline for healthy paleo eating starts with avoiding the things that make you sick, but choosing foods that will provide the nutrition you need is equally important.  The biggest paradigm shift in a paleo diet is going to be your understanding of fats in nourishing your body.  The person eating a Standard American Diet is used to running primarily on glucose fuel, but early man would have gotten his energy from fats; mostly animal fats, and paleo advocates argue we should too.  What?!  I realize this departs from typical dietary advice, but stay with me. Continue reading

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Paleo Explained- Part 1

If you’re hearing a lot about the paleo diet, but are still somewhat confused about what it is, there is a reason for that.  The bandwagon is filled with grass-roots practitioners and adherents who vary somewhat on the specifics.  Variations aside, adherents claim this lifestyle cures and manages everything from obesity and arthritis to depression and auto-immune disease.  This idea hasn’t come from a single author/doctor/guru; the paleo approach has evolved (pun intended) from decades-old theories about diet, health and evolutionary biology into a more scientifically reasoned and researched approach incorporating the latest understanding of human physiology and nutrition. continue reading

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